Today's API Levels: General 30 to 70, Roadside 70 to 90


Head of English Primary

1. Length of service as a teacher: 17 Years

2. Length of service at GSIS: 3 years

3. Your favourite subject as a teacher: All subject areas but especially languages and literature, Mathematics, PE and the Arts.

4. Your favourite subject as a student? Foreign Languages, Art, Mathematics and Dance. I represented my school in rhythmical gymnastics competitions and dance performances. I also performed in front of Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the Sydney Opera House with Diana Ross, Kylie Minogue and many other such performers.

5. What inspires you as a teacher? Each and every student’s mind, heart and soul inspires me. Unlocking their potential and finding ways to connect and enhance their knowledge and skills to other areas of learning is essential...

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Jamie Ren (Y08D)

1. Length of time at GSIS: 5 years

2. Favourite subject: PE, ICT, Physics

3. Favourite extra-curricular activities: Basketball, Fencing, Big Band

4. What is your dream job? Quantum Physicist, Computer Software Developer

5. What role does fencing play in your life? Without a doubt, fencing plays a huge role in my life. I train three times a week, and my aim is to become Hong Kong No. 1 for my age group. I might consider taking professional training in the future.

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Jenny Ko (Y10C)

1. Length of time at GSIS: 4 years

2. Favourite subject: Maths and history

3. Favourite extra-curricular activities: Rugby and Environmental Protection Club

4. What is your dream job? Working for the United Nations

5. What role does fencing play in your life? Fencing plays a huge role in my life, in the sense that it has helped me to develop in so many different ways. For example, when I first started fencing, I was unable to control my emotions. Whenever I lost a match, I used to cry and felt like giving up. However, as I gained more experience...

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