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Who is the School Counsellor for ESD and GSD students?

GEISE Jeanette 73x90Name: Jeanette Geisel

How long have I worked at GSIS?
I came to Hong Kong to join GSIS in September 2015.

What did I do before that?
I grew up in Hessen and the past 11 years I lived in Hildesheim. There I worked in the field of child and youth services in a social-pedagogical practice.

What has an important impact for my work?
In my work at GSIS it is important to me to encourage children and young people in their development into self-confident, independent and self-determined personalities and accompany and encourage the preservation of their rights. The support of parents in educating their children is also important to me, as well as cooperation with the teachers in order to contribute to a positive and motivating atmosphere at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a school counsellor do?
What can we talk about?
Who else will hear about what is discussed in our meetings?
How would I make an appointment to visit the school counsellor?
Non-school advice and counselling services
Help and assistance for the parents of students in the German and English Secondary Departments
What is the purpose of the school counsellor?

  • You can make an appointment to see me if you are worried about your child in the school setting. For example, you can come to see me if upbringing and family conflicts have an effect on your child's schooling, if your child has problems with school bonding or exhibits particular behavioural problems at school.
  • I offer individual counselling and support and help you with addresses inHong Kongif you need further advice and assistance.
  • Adults, too, can be assured that counselling is strictly confidential.

Please make an appointment.

I can be contacted as follows: Monday – Friday 7.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. in school, Middle Building, Room M604

Telephone (direct): (852) 2825 8189


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