I am really looking forward to the East Asian Games.  I have already been a part of the games in Tokyo and Bejing. Besides the individual and team competitions, I enjoyed meeting students from other schools. It was very interesting to exchange commonalities and differences between the schools.
Overall, I always love the atmosphere at the games and I am a little sad that these will be my last games since I will graduate next year.

Jasper (15) - German School Shanghai Pudong

I am looking forward to the East Asian Games in November with a great deal of anticipation. Of course, there is also some ambition involved: I hope that my school will win many medals. I will give my very best to succeed in the different sports. But, especially, I look forward to meeting the other participants from different countries and meeting new people in general.

Ann Kathrin (16) - German School Seoul International

This is the first time that I will be a part of the East Asian Games (EAG), which will take place at the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong. I am already thinking about it a lot including what my peers and I can expect from the city and the event itself. I am looking forward to meeting our host families and to visiting GSIS after having arrived. I think I will be a bit nervous since you do not get this chance every day to fly to Hong Kong to take part in a sports competition for your school. It is an honour for me being a part of the DSTY-team and I am very proud. I am sure this will remain a lifelong memory.

I am not sure yet which sports activities I will participate in but I would like to play basketball (maybe football) and athletics. If there is enough time, I would love to visit some places in Hong Kong. I cannot wait to meet all of the other talented students of the other participating schools in autumn.

Thank you to GSIS in Hong Kong to host this great event and to organise this generous host family programme.

Maika (12) - German School Tokyo Yokohama