eag2017-logoTraining is intensifying
Motivation is increasing
Preparations are running at full speed
The East Asian Games are taking shape!

The East Asian Games from 13 – 18 November 2017 will see 120 students, from six different schools from all over Asia, travel to Hong Kong to participate in this wonderful sporting event. Your support would be very much appreciated and we would be grateful if you could host one or more athletes during the games.

In the past, our students have always been very fortunate to enjoy the hospitality of the families of each host country despite the host schools having significantly smaller student populations than GSIS. Now we have the opportunity to present our school as the host and organiser of the 5th East Asian Games along with the help of our outstanding and generous school community.  We would like all visiting students to have an unforgettable and unique experience and we cannot do this without your support.

Even though only secondary students are able to participate in the Games due to age restrictions, we would like the whole school community to enjoy this unique experience – including all students from primary to secondary, all parents and all staff members.

To make this sporting event a highlight, we need your kind support and hospitality.  We would like all visiting students to feel warmly welcomed into a GSIS host family.

If you have not registered for the Host Family Programme yet, please kindly consider doing so using the below button:

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Thank you very much!

I am really looking forward to the East Asian Games.  I have already been a part of the games in Tokyo and Bejing. Besides the individual and team competitions, I enjoyed meeting students from other schools. It was very interesting to exchange commonalities and differences between the schools.
Overall, I always love the atmosphere at the games and I am a little sad that these will be my last games since I will graduate next year.

Jasper (15) - German School Shanghai Pudong

I am looking forward to the East Asian Games in November with a great deal of anticipation. Of course, there is also some ambition involved: I hope that my school will win many medals. I will give my very best to succeed in the different sports. But, especially, I look forward to meeting the other participants from different countries and meeting new people in general.

Ann Kathrin (16) - German School Seoul International

This is the first time that I will be a part of the East Asian Games (EAG), which will take place at the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong. I am already thinking about it a lot including what my peers and I can expect from the city and the event itself. I am looking forward to meeting our host families and to visiting GSIS after having arrived. I think I will be a bit nervous since you do not get this chance every day to fly to Hong Kong to take part in a sports competition for your school. It is an honour for me being a part of the DSTY-team and I am very proud. I am sure this will remain a lifelong memory.

I am not sure yet which sports activities I will participate in but I would like to play basketball (maybe football) and athletics. If there is enough time, I would love to visit some places in Hong Kong. I cannot wait to meet all of the other talented students of the other participating schools in autumn.

Thank you to GSIS in Hong Kong to host this great event and to organise this generous host family programme.

Maika (12) - German School Tokyo Yokohama

Expectations of a Host Family for the 2017 East Asian Games

We hope that these questions will help you understand what being a host family entails. Please note that these arrangements may change slightly as we get closer to the games but it is generally how we see it working.

The visiting athletes will arrive on Monday, 13 November and depart on Saturday, 18 November. It will be a total of 5 nights that we will kindly ask you to host. You will first meet them after the opening ceremony on Monday, 13 November. At the conclusion of the games the students will depart from the Peak campus on Saturday morning.

You are more than welcome to choose a boy or girl. In past games it has worked well having the same gender student as the host family has. We will also try to match your visiting athlete around the same age as your child.

Most families will host one or two students, but if you have sufficient space then you are welcome to host as many athletes as you feel comfortable with.

We know that Hong Kong traditionally has smaller living arrangements and we are more than happy for visiting athletes to share a room with your own child or even to share a room with another visiting athlete if you host more than one. However, athletes need to have their own bed/ mattress and should not share.

The visiting athletes are all from secondary school and will be aged between 10 and 18 years old. We will do our best to match the age of your child to the athlete that stays with you.

Athletes from the visiting schools speak German and English some of them French and even Mandarin.

If you come to school in a private car then it would be most helpful if your visiting athlete could also get to and from school in the same way. For those who use the school bus we are working on a strategy at the moment on how to get the visiting athletes to school. Please bear with us while we are sorting this out.

Hosting athletes includes providing breakfast and dinner. Lunch and snacks during the day will be arranged by the school.

The visiting athletes are not only excited about coming to East Asian Games, but also to see what family life in Hong Kong is like. We don’t expect you to change your daily routine to much. However, going to your favorite local restaurant or a walk around your neighbourhood are examples of something you might do with your visiting athlete. From past experience the GSIS students have really enjoyed this part of the East Asian Games and many have made life long friends.

If possible the visiting student could go along and watch the activity. If this is not possible then they are allowed to stay at your home.

Please refer to schedule of the week by clicking on this link. Please note that the exact times will be specified closer to the East Asian Games.