Pok Fu Lam Programme

ECA/AA Sign-Up for Pok Fu Lam Campus will run from Monday, 8 October at 10:00 am until Friday 12 October at 10:00 am. Click here to access the booking system.

Click activity name for course description. Activities marked with an asterisk (*) are not available on the public booking system.

N.B. All Afternoon Activities run from 12:50 to 1:50 pm.

ChessY01, DVORDetailsJunior Disco FreestyleKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsLearn with Lego - WednesdayKG2, Y01, DKG2, DVORDetailsKidnasticsKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetails
Learn with Lego - MondayKG2, Y01, DKG2, DVORDetailsLet us be Creative - TuesdayKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsTinytots Soccer for K1/K2 (4-5 years)KG2, DKG1, DKG2DetailsGames and Fun with German (German Preschool) - - by invite onlyDVORDetails
Martial ArtsKG1, KG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsTennis red 2+1 (Beginner / Intermediate)KG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsAbstract Art For ChildrenKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsGerman Language (German Kindergarten) - Thursday - by invite onlyDKG1, DKG2Details
Tennis red 2+1 (Beginner / Intermediate)KG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsFun with EnglishDKG1, DKG2, DVOR, Y01, KG2DetailsTinytots Soccer for Girls and Boys 5-6 years oldKG2, DKG2, DVOR, Y01DetailsMini OlympiansKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetails
Speech & Drama (4 - 6 year olds)KG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVOR, 4 years minimumDetailsSpeech & Drama (4 - 6 year olds)KG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVOR, 4 years minimumDetailsThe Rainbow-Fish – rehearsal and performance of the musicalKG2, Y01DetailsScience Adventures by Active KidsKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetails
Games and Fun with German (German Preschool) - Monday - by invite onlyDVORDetailsGerman Language (German Kindergarten) - Tuesday - by invite onlyDKG1, DKG2DetailsThe Rainbow-Fish – rehearsal and performance of the musicalDKG1, DKG2, DVORDetailsCapoeira by Hong School of Capoeira LtdKG2, Y01, DKG1, DKG2, DVORDetails
Storytelling and listeningDKG1, DKG2, DVORDetails
Musical Theater (DVOR, Y01)DVOR, Y01DetailsMandarin (DVOR)DVORDetailsMandarin (Y01)
Book Club (DVOR)DVORDetails


  1. Full refund will not be given for any other reason than cancellation by GSIS or serious illness of a student (supported by medical certificate). Only written requests will be considered. An administration fee of HKD 200 will be withheld.
  2. Cancellation and full refund requests will only be granted if made within the duration of the booking week.
  3. For individual lessons cancelled due to coach/teacher absence, a refund will be issued.
  4. No refunds will be given for activities cancelled due to bad weather, school closure by the government or any other unforeseen circumstances outside of the school's control.
  5. In the event of Typhoon Warning Signal No 8 or higher, black rainstorm warning or red rainstorm warning being hoisted, all activities for the whole day will be cancelled. The school’s policy on bad weather will apply. If a Typhoon Warning Signal 3 occurs, all Kindergartens will close. Other school activities will operate as usual unless advised otherwise. For children who live on the outlying island, parents will decide on a case-by-case basis if it is safe for their children to go to school.
  6. All fees are non-refundable once the course has commenced.


  1. At the Pok Fu Lam Campus, GSIS provides enrichment through annual ECAs that form an integral part of our school programme.
  2. These classes are delivered by our own teachers after the normal school day and available for students for Y01 and DVOR.
  3. The ECAs are booked annually at the beginning of the school year.
  4. The classes run from after the autumn holiday till the end of the school year.
  5. The ECAs can be booked through the Primary Activities Booking System
    (https://online.gsis.edu.hk/PrimaryActivity/Activity.aspx?campus=pfl). You will require your parent portal log-in details to gain access. Upon completion of the application process you will receive a booking confirmation email.
  6. All ECAs finish at 1:50 pm and children leave school by the second school bus at 1:50 pm.
  7. Only online applications will be accepted.
  8. The Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) are organized for GSIS students on a “First Come, First Served” basis.
  9. Courses will only take place if there are a sufficient number of participants.
  10. The School reserves the right to cancel activities should the staff or venue be required for other purposes.
  11. In the event of the cancellation of an activity for whatsoever reason, the students and their parents will be informed directly.
  12. GSIS students are insured within the current limits against accidents while attending GSIS ECAs.
  13. Students enrolling for sports activities must be physically fit.
  14. The School does not provide transportation for activities that take place off the school premises, unless it is stated in the course description.
  15. The students can eat their packed lunch before the ECA starts. Eating and drinking is only allowed in designated areas.
  16. In enrolling in a course with GSIS, you agree that your child will follow the rules and regulations set out by GSIS and the coaches. You also agree that you will not hold GSIS responsible for any injuries that may be sustained during the session
  17. A participant can be expelled from an activity for unruly behaviour.
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