Business College Welcome Meeting 2017-18


1. What is business training?
2. Where is the Business College and does it have its own dedicated buildings?
3. How long has this scheme been in operation in Hong Kong, and what are its similarities/differences to what happens in Germany?
4. How does the Business College fit into the German Swiss International School structure?
5. Who is the principal, and how is it administered?
6. Who delivers the training? What is his/her connection with the GSIS/German Industry and Commerce Hong Kong?
7. Who finances the scheme?
8. What qualification is given at the end of the training? Is this qualification recognised in Hong Kong?
9. What is the time ratio between work and school?
10. What language is the course conducted in, and what level of understanding of that language is required?
11. What kind of match is there between the schooling and the work experience?
12. What is the average profile/background of a trainee?
13. Where do trainees live?
14. What level of salary are trainees on, and how does that equate with the cost of living?