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Whether you've graduated as a GSIS student, retired as a member of staff, or simply spent a few years of your life here at the school before moving on, you have all experienced the vibrant and caring culture that is unique to GSIS. We consider all former students, faculty and staff as our alumni and we would like to warmly invite you to stay connected to our school community and with each other.

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    Sarah Jane Ho
    Class of 2003

    The art of etiquette – savoire-faire and savoir-vivre, are core to our society today in how we project ourselves to the people around us. Sara, having obtained a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Government from Georgetown University, graduated from Harvard Business School, and earned a diploma in International Etiquette & Protocal at a Swiss finishing […]

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    Dominic Nahr
    Class of 2003

    In a recent interview with TalkTäglich, a Swiss News Channel, Dominic shared his passion for photojournalism, discussing his work in Africa and his long-term project of capturing the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Dominic uses his lens to document stories across the globe. From the Arab Spring and the terrorist attacks in Kenya, to the famine […]

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    Victoria Chow
    Class of 2007

    Although beginning her career in events management after earning a degree in Mass Communications and Art History from UC Berkeley, Victoria Chow always kept her ideas of cocktails and bars in the back of her head. After sharing these ideas with her family and investors and receiving positive responses and support, Victoria decided to take […]

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    Nicole Tung
    Class of 2005

    Whether she is shooting wisps of forgotten moments, heated turbulence, or just life in general, Nicole Tung captured the essence of each second that portrays her unique views of the world through her lens. Having graduated from NYU with a double major in journalism and history, Nicole is currently freelancing for major international newspapers such […]

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