Language Perfect World Championships 2017

An exciting event that engages students from a wide spectrum of learning abilities Starting from Monday, 15 May and taking place online over ten days, our Year 7 – 10 students will take on 300,000 students in the world’s largest…

Play Rapid Chess at GSIS!

The Hong Kong Juniors Rapid Chess Championship 2017 will be held at our campus on 7 May, 2017 (Sunday). Organised by the Hong Kong Juniors Chess Club, the age group for this tournament include U7, U9, U11, U13, and U17.…
Challenges in STEM Industries Panel Discussion

Challenges in STEM Industries Panel Discussion

While there are still gender disparities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries, the gaps are slowly closing thanks to the awareness raising and hard work of many individuals. GSIS students were fortunate to have three distinctive women –…

GSIS 24 Hour Race – Raising Awareness for Human Trafficking

On 19-20 November, the GSIS 24 Hour Race team ran all day and through the night, running to combat against human trafficking. Giving it all their might and battling through the freezing cold night, our Co-Ed Team made 1st place…
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The Two Planks Diary: Victoria and Albert share their ski trip experiences

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Disaster Relief Kit collection_Peak

Philippines Disaster Relief – Thank You

During the last week, thanks to your help, GSIS collected in total 282 disaster relief kits for the people in the Philippines affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. On 26 November the 188 Hygiene kits and the 94 Kitchen kits were…
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Berlin Study Trip

Update: 27/6/2013
Update: 22/6/2013
Update: 20/6/2013
Update: 18/6/2013 Hallo aus Berlin! Two days ahead of Obama... Y10 students at the Reichstag in Berlin.
Senior Debate winners pic 2 March 2013

GSIS Debating News

SUCCESS IN SELECTION TRIALS FOR THE WORLD INDIVIDUAL DEBATING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013 The first part of the school year ended in great success for our Junior interschool…

Aura 2013

A student run talent show, organised by the Community Involvement Group at GSIS, showcasing amazing music and dance performances along with innovative student and brand fashion designs. More information: Check out our Facebook page - there you'll find promotional videos…

Kids4Kids Sharing for a Cause

Dear Secondary Students Kids4Kids 4th annual "Sharing for a Cause" is here! This is a city-wide charity donation drive, spanning 40 schools starts on 4th of March until 15th of March. This year, we will be collecting sporting goods, so…