This is Me: GSIS Spring Concert 2018

Confident, playful, and really enjoying themselves, our students delivered yet another talent-infused musical concert. It was an evening filled with theme songs from iconic movies and well-known music from pop, computer games, classical, and jazz. The audience experienced diversity at its best, with a range of solo acts, music and performing styles.Signalling the beginning of spring, the GSIS Fiddlesticks and dancers expertly performed the timeless classic, “La Primavera.” On the other hand, the K09 class took everyone to the pastures of the safari with Toto’s “Africa.” A Broadway-like take on the Beauty and the Beast Medley, showcased a bit of our students’ acting chop, bringing each song to life.

Misha (Y12) and Long Him (Y11) took to the conducting stand and led the orchestra through the Forrest Gump Suite and Harry Potter Suite, taking the audience through imaginary cinematic scenes with music. On a multitasking feat, Shannon (Y11) impressed the crowd conducting “Take Five” by Paul Desmond and performing a saxophone solo at the same time.

Our student soloists went above and beyond this year, enriching the concert with a variety of singing styles. Henry (Y12) delivered an expressive performance of Shadowland from The Lion King, putting full emotion into this Disney Broadway song. Singing the choir edition of Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time,” Leander (K07) stunned the audience with his pure and angelic vocals. Nitya (Y10) and Shayona (Y10) put on a powerful piece of “Baba Yetu” from the computer game, Civilization IV, while Angelique (Y13) beautifully sang “When She Loved Me” from the Toy Story.

Emerging GSIS bands also rocked the house, their infectious energy prompting the audience to clap and sway to the rhythm. The Midnight Janitors, The Lemon Bombs, and The Descending Cephalopods all reflected unique personalities with not only their choice of songs, but also from the way they played and interaction. Our audience were even treated with a special surprise when the GSIS IT team came up and performed “Uptown Funk” with the always lively K05 class. It was definitely a party in the Ingrid Buchholtz Hall!

Apart from all the fun, the evening was also a moment to recognise students who contributed in leading the musical and cultural programmes of GSIS. This year, the Arts Leadership Awards 2018 were presented to Natasha (Y13), Annessa (Y13), Angelique (Y13), Justin (Y13), Michael (Y13), Yik Ting (Y13), Melissa (Y11), and Arianna (Y11).

Misha (Y12) was the recipient of The Musician of the Year Award, which recognises not only the students’ musical endeavours, but also his/her dedication in promoting performing arts programme in the school. Congratulations to our awardees and we thank you for your commitment and hard work!

The evening ended with a glorious sing-a-long of “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman, enlisting all student performers onto the stage. Their grand finale was met with a roaring standing ovation from the audience, commending our students and Mr Gleeson, Mr Kim, and Ms Haines for their fantastic and diverse performance!

This is Me: GSIS Spring Concert 2018

GSIS music students shine at ISCMS XI

This year’s ISCMS Music Festival (ISCMS XI) offered a professional music platform for our 19 participating music students, Ms Haines and Mr Kim to share a passion for collaborative music making and creativity, alongside 350 students and 54 teachers of 23 nationalities from 22 participating schools from Asia, Australia and the Middle East!

On 3rd February 2018, 21 hours of rehearsals culminated in a production of world-class performances in the Suzhou Cultural Arts Centre. ISCMS gave our participants an unrivalled and memorable experience to develop and grow as musicians through musical engagement with major choral and orchestral works.

The grand finale piece of the Gala Concert was a breath-taking performance of ‘Carmina Burana’, an epic Cantata composed by Carl Orff between 1935 and 1936. Such masterpiece demands world-class soloists and the choir was joined by Juliet Petrus to sing Soprano and Chenye Yuan to sing Baritone. The concert was stunning and inspiring from beginning to end.

Laetitia (violin) did a stellar job as Assistant Concert Master and our orchestral students worked alongside the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra to maximise musical collaboration at a professional level. Another highlight of the concert was the commission from Sam Wu with his world premiere of "Feng Qiao Ye Bo" (枫桥夜泊), based on a popular ancient Suzhou poem.

Mr Nathaniel Gao, the Big Band Director, who is a saxophonist and composer, led the Big Band Concerts, featuring excellent solo performances from our very own Shannon (saxophone) and Valerie (voice).

Participating in a festival like ISCMS enriches students in many ways and is an excellent example of learning outside the classroom. Our students were outstanding ambassadors for GSIS, not only through their musical talents, but also their impeccable behaviour, manners, kindness and social interaction with fellow students and teachers.

Congratulations to Jeffrey, Arianna, Jankin, Laetitia, Valerie, Nicole, Charlotte, Alvin, Andrea, Kalista, Charlotte, Shannon, Carolyn, Jade, Thomas, Ashley, Matthew, Stephanie, and Rulan. Thank you to the stellar work of Ms Haines and Mr Kim, who gave so much care and attention to all our students.

We are so proud of what you have achieved.

Canice Gleeson
Director of Music

The Bells of Christmas: Christmas Gala Charity Concert

GSIS Spring Concert & Performing Art Awards 2017

On a foggy March evening, the Ingrid Buchholtz Hall was lit up in warmth by vibrant music, elegant ballet, and many celebratory moments.

The event started with a mix of theme songs from the popular animated film, “How To Train Your Dragon”, taking the audience off to a magical start. Throughout the concert, our students performed For Good from renowned musical, “Wicked,” Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Overture from “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart and more. They also played movements from “RoQuiem”, a requiem in rock featuring Tim (Y11) as solo guitarist. Finalists from the Musician of the Year 2017, Justin (Y12), Misha (Y11), Andrea (Y07), and Grace (Y11) were also featured in the concert, showcasing their violin, marimba, and singing talents, respectively.

Other than delivering performances of high standards, the GSIS Spring Concert 2017 was also the occasion to honour outstanding individuals with the GSIS ‘Arts Leadership’ Award and the GSIS ‘Musician of the Year’ Award. Roger (Y13) received both awards to recognise his tireless work in chairing the GSIS Music Ambassadors (GMA) over the years and his talents in conducting the orchestra, band, and choir. He, along with other GMA leaders, will be graduating from GSIS this school year, and we are forever grateful to have had their contributions to the Music department.

Not only did we say good bye to a number of our Y13 student performers, we are also bid farewell to Mr Florian Mair, Head of Music (GSD) as he participated in his last joint stream concert at GSIS. After conducting the Overture from “The Marriage of Figaro”, Herr Mair received a standing ovation from our students and Mr Gleeson gave a touching speech praising his colleague.

Throughout the concert, the audience was captivated by the energy and emotion flowing through each piece, beaming with proud smiles on their faces as their loved ones performed. The concert truly reflected the dedication and cultured talents of our students.

Congratulations to all student award winners – continue to put in the effort in doing what you love.

Thank you to all student performers, GSIS Music Ambassadors, and teachers for putting together such an enjoyable concert!

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Konzert mit Juse Ju und Fatoni

Wann: 29.11. (Dienstag), 5. und 6. Stunde
Wer: Schüler der Klassen 8 bis 10 (ausgenommen K08A)
Wo: Musikraum M702

Juse Ju (Justus Hütter, Bild rechts) ist in Tokio aufgewachsen und kam mit elf Jahren ins beschauliche Kirchheim unter Teck bei Stuttgart. Dort startete er als Freestyle Battle MC im Jugendhaus Mitte Stuttgart. Anschließend war er sieben Jahre in der Münchner Hip-Hop-Szene unterwegs. Seit 2011 lebt Juse Ju in Berlin und rappt im Umfeld von Fatoni, Edgar Wasser, Antilopen Gang und Marz.

Aus der asiatischen Megapolis Tokio direkt in die schwäbische Einöde, aus der schwäbischen Einöde in die US-Mexikanische Grenze nach El Paso und wieder zurück. Das ist Juse Jus Kindheit und Jugend anhand weniger geographischer Orte zusammengefasst.

Und was macht so ein Mensch für Rap-Musik? Juse Ju ist sarkastisch, oft politisch und immer clever. Seine Beats atmen den warmen Boom Bap Klang der goldenen Ära des Raps. Das klingt auf Platte gut, entfaltet seine ganze Wirkung aber erst in seinen Live-Shows, die immer etwas von Late Night und Standup haben.


2005 Solo EP Der Ego I 2009 Soloalbum Yo! HipHop hat mein Leben zerstört. I 2014 Soloalbum Übertreib nicht deine Rolle. (13.000-mal heruntergeladen)I 2015 Angst & Amor (als CD, Download und Vinyl erschienen)

Fatoni (Anton Schneider, Bild links) wuchs in München auf und studierte Schauspiel an der Otto Falckenberg Schule. Im Jahr 2000 gründete er in München gemeinsam mit dem Rapper Keno und dem Produzenten Bustla die Band Creme Fresh. 2011 erschien mit Solange früher alles besser war Fatonis erstes Soloalbum. 2015 brachte er mit Dexter bereits sein sechstes Album Yo, Picasso heraus, das auf Platz 23 in die deutschen Albumcharts einstieg und Platz 2 der deutschen HipHopcharts erreichte. Seither gilt Fatoni als "vielleicht [der] originellste und interessanteste zeitgenössische MC" [] in Deutschland.

Fatoni setzt sich mit einem Augenzwinkern mit dem Zeitgeist auseinander und löst musikalische Grenzsetzungen von HipHop, Indie-Rock bis Minimalhouse anscheinend komplett

Auf. Sein Rap-Talent gepaart mit seiner Bühnenpräsenz und schlafwandlerischen Selbstsicherheit sind Garanten für Fatonis außergewöhnliche Liveperformances!

Neben seiner Rap-Karriere ist Anton Schneider auch als Schauspieler und Radiomoderator aktiv. Er spielte u.a. in Inszenierungen an den Münchner Kammerspielen, am Stadttheater Klagenfurt und Theater Augsburg. Seit 2015 moderiert er jeden zweiten Freitag im Monat die Sendung Die Fatoni Show auf Radio Puls.

Discographie (Auswahl):
Alben und EPs: 2007: Prosecco Piff (Kollaboalbum mit Juse Ju, Popbiz Enemy) l 2011: Solange früher alles besser war (Kopfhörer Recordings) l 2013: Nocebo (Kollaboalbum mit Edgar Wasser, l 2014: Die Zeit heilt alle Hypes (Download-EP, 12’’ über l 2015: C’MON! EP (Download-EP, l 2015: Yo, Picasso (mit Dexter, WSP Records / Universal Music)

Live auf dem Goethe-Fest

Die beiden Künstler können auch am 27. November um 18:00 Uhr in einem Live-Konzert auf dem Goethe-Fest bewundert werden. Mit ihren scharfsinnigen, bewegenden Songs und Beats wollen die beiden talentierten Musiker sowohl Hongkonger Deutschlerner als auch alle Hip-Hop-Fans begeistern.

So, 27.11.2016
18:00 Uhr

Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

GSIS Students Performing Soloists at ICOHK’s “On the Waterfront”


An outstanding cast of talented musicians from 11 secondary schools in Hong Kong led by conductors Canice Gleeson (German Swiss International School) and Debra Jones (South Island School) will feature a beautiful palette of instrumental music, from Classical to Irish.

‘ICOHK on the Waterfront’ will take you on a musical journey through a colourful soundscape, in the beautiful Maritime Museum, with the iconic Hong Kong harbour front as the backdrop.

Concert Repertoire to include:

Haydn - 'Symphony No. 27', 1st Movement
Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin - 'Woodbrook'
Soloist: Alison Iu (GSIS) – Piano
3. Mozart - 'Flute Concerto in G major', 1st Movement
Soloist: Kaissy Yau (GSIS) – Flute
4. Celtic Woman - 'The Butterfly' (Irish Slip Jig, Reel)
Ney Rosario - 'Marimba Concerto', 1st Movement
Soloist: Misha Fischer (GSIS) – Marimba
6. Bill Whelan - 'Carecena' (Jig)
'O'Carolan's Concerto’

‘On the Waterfront’
6 March 2016, 3:00 pm
Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Tickets are available at: