Book Week: One World, Many Stories

The GSIS Book Week is getting bigger and better each year! Under the theme, “One World, Many Stories,” a variety […]

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German Kindergarten hosted its first Art Exhibition!

Featuring work from the Glühwürmchen, Grashüpfer, Raupen, and Schmetterling classes, the Kindergarten Arts Exhibition attracted parents from both streams and [...] Read More »

Education Bureau announces advanced Chinese New Year Holidays for Kindergarten and Primary schools

In view of the latest development of seasonable influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within schools, the Education Bureau announced that the Chinese New Year Holiday for all Kindergartens and Primary schools would be advanced to start from 8 February. (The Secondary school will operate as normal and school will finish on Thursday, 15 February at 10.45 am.)

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GSIS Kindergarten hosts Teach Meet for Early Childhood Educators

In May, early childhood teachers met at our Kindergarten campus in Pok Fu Lam and exchanged their experience about technology [...] Read More »

East Meets West – Brugge baue

Earlier this month, Swiss performers from the East Meets West – Brugge baue visited our GSIS Kindergarten and Primary and […]

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Kindergarten News

The summer holidays have come to an end and the new School Year has started. At our “Coffee Morning”, held […]

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Kindergarten: Year-end Reflections

The school year 2012/2013 started with the new staff structure. This was a major change for our teachers but they […]

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Fasching in Kindergarten

We had a party on Friday, 1 February 2013 with the children to celebrate Fasching. The children attended Kindergarten dressed […]

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