GSIS Mother-Daughter Eco Warriors

The title ‘Eight Million’ came from eight million metric tons of plastic going into the ocean every year. – Marcy.

GSIS mum, Marcy Trent Long founded Sustainable Asia, a social enterprise that partners with environmental journalists and thought leaders in Asia to produce podcasts that alert and amplify environmental issues to the world. With Kinsey (Y12) on board managing the graphics and communications for their project, the mother-daughter duo used their voices to make an impact, literally.

We sat down with Marcy and Kinsey to talk about “Eight Million,” their first podcast series for Sustainable Asia and the perks and challenges of working together as family.

Q: How did this project get started for you?
Marcy: This is twofold – one is why a podcast and then why this topic. I was doing research with WWF in Hong Kong, and I found that the research that I did would end up in a paper that no one would read, and it was really frustrating. In doing that research, I enjoyed being able to actually listen to a podcast about a subject and go for a hike, rather than being stuck at my desk the whole time. I felt it was a more enjoyable way of doing research, and that was why we decided to produce podcasts.

The reason I chose this subject was because I read a research report by McKinsey and the Ocean Conservancy called Stemming the Tide: Land-based strategies for a plastic-free ocean. I was really surprised that their conclusion that the best way to stop plastic from going into the ocean in Asia, and particularly China, was incineration or waste to energy plans. They burn plastic at a high temperature and then convert that heat to electricity - basically a renewable energy source. If you have the option of burning it and putting it in the landfill, or burning it and at least creating some electricity, you might as well take the energy from it.

So, then the title “Eight Million” came from eight million metric tons of plastic going into the ocean every year. A researcher that we interviewed in episode 1 looked at the population density along the coastlines in the world, and they made estimates based on waste.

She estimated that 40% of the plastic that goes into the ocean from that 8 million a year is from Asia. – Marcy

Q: How did you get Kinsey on board?
Marcy: I asked Kinsey if she would design Sustainable Asia’s logo because I knew Kinsey was so good with graphics, as she’s done all the posters for the Environment Protection Club at school. She did a brilliant job on the “Eight Million” graphic. The whole podcast, the audio engineer, the script writer in London, and the co-producer have worked with Kinsey on the social media. Everyone’s been a volunteer, and I have one right in the house.

I was really excited, because when she first came up with the idea of making a podcast, I thought that would be a really creative way to talk about such an important issue that I think is underreported. I was quite proud of her

– Kinsey

Q: How about for yourself, working on the graphic design and social media? How do you feel about having that responsibility?
Kinsey: I’m not normally a very artistic person, but I’ve had a little bit of experience in graphic design when I programmed an app and had to make a logo for that. It was a bit of a challenge for me, but it was a very interesting one to take on because I think it is something that I want to look into and improve in a way.

Q: Can you tell me more about the graphic design concept?
Kinsey: Originally, I wanted to use my own photography. I have an underwater camera, so I would go into the swimming pool and take photos of plastic under the water. That was the original idea behind it. But, the photos didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, so I ended up having to use licensed photos. For the promotional part of it, I did use a couple of my photos when advertising it.

Q: How do you feel about working on this with Kinsey together?
Marcy: It is really fun to have something in common to work on and have an objective on, especially when it’s done really well. Sometimes it’s hard, because I am not very good with social media, though sometimes Kinsey looks at me like, “Really Mum, couldn’t you be like 40 years younger?”

One of my favourite parts of the podcast is actually the logo that Kinsey did, so that’s really great, that pride.

– Marcy

Kinsey: There are pros and cons. The pro is the connection that we always have something to talk about. But it can be difficult, because she’s my mum. Sometimes, I think you (Marcy) feel as if you don’t want to nag me too much because it might cause some conflict there. Most of what I did with the logo was with Sam and the other co-producer.

Q: How do you see this project evolving in the future?
Marcy: The podcast is only in English, but I think we will probably translate it into Chinese. We partnered with China Dialogue and they have a bilingual website in China and in the West. The goal with Sustainable Asia is to bring research to life, and it’s not only to educate the West about what’s really going on in Asia beyond the headlines, but it’s also to educate the Chinese people about what’s going on in their own country. The next project will probably be along the same approach, but I think we will probably stick with plastic. We can take it a little bit further and talk more about redesigning plastic and more innovation.

Kinsey: Currently, Sustainable Asia is the company and their first project is this podcast. Hopefully they are going to be making more audio productions, either podcasts or radio shows. I know they are also working on short RTHK pieces, but hopefully they will do another major project like this - another podcast on environmental issues.

Thank you, Marcy and Kinsey for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. It was both insightful and inspiring to learn about the projects and research the mother-daughter duo are doing to combat environmental issues. Educate yourself and lend your ear to Eight Million, the podcast series that details the pollution and solution to plastic in the ocean.

Listen to Eight Million HERE!

About Sustainable Asia

Sustainable Asia partners with environmental journalists and thought leaders in Asia to produce engaging audio and disseminate their message to a wider audience. We choose topics that are on the critical path to making a sustainable Asia. LEARN MORE!

Learning, behaviour and self-esteem: Talk by Dr Loretta Giorcelli, PhD OAM

We are excited to invite all parents from Kindergarten through to Secondary to a talk by Dr Loretta Giorcelli PhD, OAM on “Learning, behaviour and self-esteem: Critical understanding for parents and carers of the intricate inter-connections among all three domains” on 28 February 2018.

Dr Loretta Giorcelli trained as a primary/special education teacher in Queensland, Australia and has taught at all age levels in segregated and integrated settings in the United Kingdom and Australia. She has worked as a teacher, school principal, academic in three universities and as an education/child development consultant internationally. In Hong Kong, Dr Giorcelli has collaborated with schools, the Department of Education, FOCUS and YPO.

Having engaged with parents for over 40 years, she enjoys the interaction and potential of such presentations to build parental understanding. Dr Giorcelli will also be working with our faculty members during INSET Day.

Event Details

Topic: Learning, behaviour and self-esteem: Critical understanding for parents and carers of the intricate inter-connections among all three domains
Date: 28 February 2018
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Venue: Ingrid Buchholtz Hall, Middle Building, GSIS Peak Campus

Seats in the Ingrid Buchholtz Hall are limited and availability is subject to first-come, first-served basis.

GSIS Christmas Bazaar – Thank You

What an amazing achievement!

Thank you all for your help and hard work in making the 2017 GSIS Christmas Bazaar happen. It was incredible to see our whole school - students, parents, teachers, staff and management - pull together over these past weeks.

Once again, you all set the tone of community spirit at this special time of the year by helping us run a successful Christmas Bazaar. It was great to see so many new faces as well as old friends taking part in the Advent Wreath workshops in the week leading up to the Bazaar. Each wreath was personally designed and decorated by GSIS parents and added to the festive atmosphere that our GSIS Christmas Bazaar is so well known for.

Everywhere you looked on Saturday, people were having a good time whilst browsing the stalls, stocking up on seasonal delicacies brought in all the way from Europe, meeting friends, eating and drinking and having fun at the Games Alley or in Santa’s Grotto. It was wonderful that we were also able to enjoy some great performances from our many talented musicians within the community.

We appreciate your help and we are fortunate to have you all donate your time and energy on occasions like this. We are lucky and thankful to have longstanding relationships with donors and sponsors who are pillars of our fundraising achievements. However the Bazaar would not have been possible without everyone who donated food items to the event as this very much helps our fundraising achievements; the local, regional and international flavours added by our seasoned bakers and cooks furthermore aided in making the Bazaar experience a well-rounded one.

The 2017 Christmas Bazaar and raffle were a huge success financially: together we raised around one million Hong Kong Dollars. We had 33 students each selling over 50 tickets and they will be receiving a small prize. Please find a list of the winning tickets here:

The valuable funds raised in the 2017 Christmas Bazaar will be used in its entirety to enhance the educational experience of our students and to enrich our community. Some of our upcoming projects include organising guest speakers on the topics of education, social development and health, in addition to graduation, staff appreciation and cultural events, such as the Lion Dances for Chinese New Year.

We will keep you informed in detail about each future project in our PCC Newsletter. Your input into projects that you would like the community to get more involved in is most welcome – please email us your ideas to Your personal feedback on the 2017 Christmas Bazaar would also be much appreciated.

As well as raising valuable funding for the school, we were delighted to be able to support a number of charities chosen by the CAS students and teachers. In addition, we have made donations of the extra decorations, toys and clothing to several worthy charities in Hong Kong, such as Mother’s Choice, Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation, Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital and Christian Action. It is great that we can share the Christmas spirit amongst those who are less fortunate and we endeavour to participate in more charitable causes throughout the coming year.

Now it is time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Your GSIS Parents’ Community Committee

Christmas Bazaar Raffle Results

Congratulations to the winners of the following prizes. Congratulations also to Class Y04B for selling the most raffle tickets, winning a pizza party for their class!

NoRaffle PrizeWinning tickets
1HK$5,000 Dinner at 81/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana01241
2AEG Brushless 5 Piece Combo Set25554
312 Bottles of Chateau Lagune 199711864
412 Bottles of Wine from MWM01941
5Mira Touch Journey – 90 min Massage for 208381
6Gift Voucher for 6 HYPOXI treatments04461
7Milwaukee M18 Lithiulm Ion 6 Tool Combo Set03121
8Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer10000
9Dinner Voucher “Rech by Alan Ducasse” (Intercontinental)10698
10Capoeira HK Workshop (5-20 persons)07081
11HK$2500 Online Shopping Voucher at Madderson London00141
12Faust Holiday Programme01747
13Faust Holiday Programme01753
14Lovelt Voucher – Styling Session16081
15Foundation Academy Filmmaker Course10041
16Milwaukee M12 Fuel Combo Kit06580
17Barrier Trial at Happy Valley Race Course14441
18Sunday Brunch for 2 People at Intercontinental02361
19Sunday Brunch for 2 People at Intercontinental08721
20Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner09561
21Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner02516
22Tour of Young Masters Beer Brewery25373
23Framed Ink Drawing by Thai Artist Uten Mahamid00855
24Framed Ink Drawing by Thai Artist Uten Mahamid11002
25Framed Ink Drawing by Thai Artist Uten Mahamid25284
26Scout Bags12033
27Scout Bags06404
28Scout Bags02259
29North Face Venture Jacket02394
30Island Dance Class Voucher06170
31Schoggi Meier Deluxe Chocolate Gift Set04001
322 Lego/Engineering classes10188
332 Lego/Engineering classes20921
342 Lego/Engineering classes24741
352 Lego/Engineering classes21242
36Swatch - Yue Min Yun21849
37Swatch Watches04130
38Swatch Watches12087
39Swatch Watches25586
40Swatch Watches22781
41Swatch Watches25598
42Reiki Treatment – 90 min Session06714
43Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School24774
44Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School25840
45Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School02562
46Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School01279
47Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School24780
48Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School04371
49Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School05536
50Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School02518
51Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School15362
52Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School06581
53Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School00792
54Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School25186
55Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School21228
56Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School02901
57Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School02886
58Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School15044
59Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School14294
60Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School04325
61Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School00344
62Vouchers for HK$500 for MWM Wine School25583
63Unique Photo Calendar from GSIS Connect Photos20703
64Samsung Phone00659
65Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne13693
66Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne25050
67Schoggi Meier Grand Cru Premium Pralines Collection04348
68First Code Academy vouchers25576
69First Code Academy vouchers00689
70First Code Academy vouchers25581
71First Code Academy vouchers22321
72First Code Academy vouchers20962
73First Code Academy vouchers25381
74First Code Academy vouchers10965
75First Code Academy vouchers24064
76First Code Academy vouchers17721
77First Code Academy vouchers20858
78Tutima Necklace08501
79Swatch - FlikFlak Disney Cars00688
80SoldbySol Skin Care Products25185
81Tutima Earrings05619
82Tutima Earrings23091
83Tutima Necklace03808
84HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher20641
85HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher14723
86HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher09378
87HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher05601
88HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher25043
89HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher03892
90HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher06148
91HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher23174
92HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher18747
93HK Breadbox HK$200 voucher03089
94Bottle of Moet Chandon Imperial Brut03906
95HK$200 Gift Something Voucher25214
96Tutima Bracelet01469
97Tutima Bracelet02044
98Bottle of Castell Sant Antoni Cava06199
99Tutima Pendant14313
100Tutima Ring11003

Watch: GSIS Peak Campus Grand Opening Ceremony

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GSIS Cross-Stream Careers Day 2017

With eleven alumni, three parents and two friends of GSIS volunteering as speakers, the school hosted its third Cross-Stream Careers Day this April, offering a selection of eleven different career tracks. Students were able to choose from fields including science and research, technology, finance, entrepreneurship, medicine, and marketing. It was a great occasion for the school community to come together and create real-world learning opportunities for our students.

“It is a privilege to be invited back as an alumna to share my experience as a PhD student in science. I think it is wonderful that students now can be exposed to so many different career options during their time at school,” said Jackie Cheung (Class of 2008). “During my session, I was so impressed by how many students are interested in pursuing science in the future and how bright and enthusiastic they are. I am glad that I could provide a little bit of perspective to the students and share my research experience as a PhD candidate.”

On Careers Day, students got insights into different career paths, helping them understand and make decisions about their university studies according to their interests.

“I think Careers Day is a great opportunity to learn about working life and also get some insider information about a particular occupation,” said Noah (K10). “I liked the science and research session, as I am also interested in science myself and always enjoy hearing about other people's (working) life path.”

We are grateful for the enthusiastic efforts and passion our speakers demonstrated in bringing their expertise to our students. Their professional input will definitely add value to our students’ learning experiences and benefit GSIS students in the long run.

Thank you to all our participants and volunteers for giving us another fulfilling Careers Day and we look forward to more insightful exchange next year!

A School in Bloom: a night of celebration at the GSIS Spring Ball

Now into its third year and a firm fixture in the school’s calendar, the GSIS Spring Ball once again proved to be a wonderful evening for all involved. The theme for the night was ‘’GSIS in Bloom’’ and guests saw the ballroom of the Island Shangri-La transformed with beautiful floral decoration, evoking renewal and optimism for the turn of the season.

Indeed, the spirit in the room was one of celebration: of the ties that bind the GSIS community together and of all that we have achieved in the advancement of our school – notably the completion of the Campus Development Plan. Guests could reflect upon this as they saw the short film chronicling the Grand Opening of the Peak Campus and viewing the fantastic new facilities now available to all of our students.

Following a welcome from our Principal, Mrs Annette Brandt-Dammann, the Chair of the GSIS Development Committee, Mrs Phillippa Vizzone took to the stage to reinforce the importance of the school’s community ethos and to recognise the new heights we have ascended to in recent years. She used the occasion as well to hand over leadership of the Development Committee to Mrs Marcy Trent Long, having led the committee over the past two years. We would like to thank Philippa for her commendable leadership and would also like to wish Marcy the greatest of success in the role.

The many talents of our students took centre stage on the night, as guests enjoyed the Fiddlesticks string players’ renditions of Bach and Coldplay, accompanied by ballet and contemporary dance styles from our Secondary students. Meanwhile, the smooth running of the event was ably assisted by the Prefect teams throughout the venue in welcoming guests, assisting during the silent auction and helping behind the scenes.

Guests were able to make their own contribution to the future of the school through bids on the silent auction or direct pledges to GSIS facilities. With a prize list featuring lots ranging from luxury dining to health and fitness, getaways to family fun, there was something for everyone and the night saw some healthy competition to secure these desirable experiences!

Proceeds from the Spring Ball totalled over $1.12 million owing to the support from parents, alumni, staff, friends of GSIS and our corporate supporters on the night. We are tremendously grateful for this collective contribution and would like to thank all involved for making it a night to remember!

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GSIS Spring Ball 2017

The German Swiss International School is proud to announce our gala fundraising event for the school year: the GSIS Spring Ball 2017 on Friday 3 March, from 7pm to late, at the Island Ballroom, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong.

Guests can look forward to fine dining, dance and musical performances from our talented students, and exciting auction prizes. Proceeds from the event will directly benefit the GSIS Foundation and shape the school’s future.

This year’s theme is ‘’GSIS in Bloom’’: after the successful completion of the Campus Development Plan, join us in celebration of our school community and all that we have achieved together.

Tables of 10 are available for $25,000. Come together with your friends and contact the Development Office to reserve yours now! / (852) 2825 8172

GSIS Christmas Bazaar 2016

GSIS was bustling with warmth as the school community filled the Middle and Lower Building during the Christmas Bazaar last Saturday, despite the rainy day. Families, students, teachers, alumni and friends of GSIS enjoyed a great time together. Visitors caught up over raclette and sausages, listened to Christmas carols and music performed by students and staff, and children had fun playing at the Games Alley set up by Secondary students.

It was also the perfect occasion for the Hong Kong community to experience a European Christmas atmosphere and shop for hand-made Adventskränze and other seasonal decorations. A special thank you to the mothers who decorated the beautiful wreaths for the Bazaar!

We would also like to thank all staff and volunteers for helping to make our Bazaar a successful and memorable event!

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A Grand Grand Opening

Lovingly decorated classrooms, newly rehearsed music programmes, works of artists and explorers presented in a striking way … After weeks of feverish preparation, the big day had finally arrived.

On 11 November 2016, with a powerful drum roll from the Dynasty Drummers, the Grand Opening began for the Peak Campus, where over 1,000 students of the Primary and Secondary school now once again learn together in dedicated facilities.

The entire school community and numerous guests participated in the ceremony and visited our Open Day. Representing the German Federal Office of Administration, Mr Peter Dicke, Deputy Head of the Central Agency of German Schools Abroad and Dr. Bettina Fischer, Regional Head for India, Far East and Australia, were among our guests. We also welcomed Graf Lambsdorff, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hong Kong, Mr. Renggli, Consul General of Switzerland, Dr. Reinprecht, Austrian Consul General, GSIS Board members, representatives of the Hong Kong Education Bureau and trade and industry as well as colleagues from other international schools in Hong Kong and many of our donors and alumni.

The festive day commenced in the Primary school, located in the Upper Building. The choirs of the German and English Primary hailed the guests musically, followed by the welcome address of Mrs Annette Brandt-Dammann, the Principal of GSIS. Mrs Charlotte Schneider-Vetter, Head of German Primary, and Mr Jon Keelty, Head of English Primary, invited those in attendance to the Open Day. Inspired by the Seed to Blossom-theme, many activities took place including a sunflower-workshop, a reading event, an exercise-parcour in the Sports Hall, and a letter factory. Guests and parents were invited to join in and to experience the innovative facilities of the Primary school first-hand.

A traditional Lion Dance introduced the main ceremony in the Ingrid Buchholtz Hall. Mrs. Brandt-Dammann greeted the guests, followed by commemorative speeches and musical performances. A rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" by the choirs and orchestras of the Primary and Secondary schools brought the official part of the festivities to an atmospheric and impressive end.

Click here to view image gallery from the Opening

The Open Day in the Middle and Lower Buildings provided visitors with the opportunity to meet our Secondary students and see them participating in debate, numerous music spotlights, a dodge ball tournament, theatre performances and a range of exhibitions and experiments in our modern Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs.

Through two retro-exhibitions, we honoured the history and tradition of our school. Since our founding in 1969, we have consistently pursued the goal of offering our students a sustainable and holistic education, making it possible for them to recognise and develop their diverse and individual potential and talent today and in the future.

In order to meet these requirements, the Boards of the German Swiss International School Hong Kong embarked upon the Peak Campus Development Plan in 2008, which was completed successfully and within the budget this summer after eight years of construction and large financial investment. We would like to thank our entire school community and all those involved for their great support during the realisation of the Campus Development Plan and for the participation in the Peak Campus Opening Ceremony.

Below are a selection of photos from the event. To view all pictures from the Grand Opening, please login with your student, parent or staff login.

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