GSIS Cross-Stream Careers Day 2017

With eleven alumni, three parents and two friends of GSIS volunteering as speakers, the school hosted its third Cross-Stream Careers Day this April, offering a selection of eleven different career tracks. Students were able to choose from fields including science… More »

Careers Day 2017

We will be hosting our third Cross-Stream Careers Day on Wednesday, 5 April 2017. This will be a compulsory event for all Y10, Y12, K09, K10, K11 and K12 students. Though attendance will not be mandatory for Y13 students, you… More »

GSIS Alumni Upper Building Farewell BBQ

On a warm Friday evening, many former students, from those who graduated just last year to members from the Class of 1983, gathered under the same roof, or should we say same Courtyard, to bid farewell to their educational playground… More »

GSIS University Alumni Round-Table Event

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