School Fees

  • HKD 2,350 per student* (non-refundable) for Kindergarten
  • HKD 3,700 per student* (non-refundable) for Primary and Secondary Departments
  • The application fee should be paid online using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Further instructions will be provided upon contacting the Admissions Department.

*Application Fee covers the following services: Online application processing, and review and screening of application information and documents.

  • HKD 4,300 per student (non-refundable)
  • Once an assessment appointment is scheduled, the assessment fee should be paid online using the payment system as above.
  • Please note that all assessed papers are kept confidential. They remain the property of GSIS and will not be released to any party.
ClassesHKD pa1st Installment
2nd Installment
Autopay Monthly
(x 10 months)
Primary (DVOR*, K01 – K05, Y01 – Y06)147,07088,24258,82814,707
Secondary (K06 – K10, Y07 – Y11)177,400106,44070,96017,740
Secondary (K11 – K12+, Y12 – Y13)187,540112,52475,01618,754

All school fees have been approved by the Education Bureau.

For the fees of the Business College, please contact the Head of the Business College.

The information contained herein and in the related documents may be changed from time to time by the German Swiss International School Association Limited.

# Books and art materials are included in school fees. The cost of class trips, school bus fees and fees for Afternoon Activities are excluded.
* DVOR: Deutsche Vorschule

  • School fees are payable at the beginning of each half-year
    (first half-year: September to February, second half-year: March to June).
  • Invoices are payable promptly upon receipt. Payment may be made by cheque or bank transfer. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to GSIS ASSOCIATION LTD and mailed to
    German Swiss International School
    Accounts Department
    11 Guildford Road
    The Peak, Hong Kong
  • For payments that are outstanding for more than 45 days of date of invoice, a late payment administration fee of HKD 500 will be charged in addition to a 1% interest charge per month.
  • Reduction of school fees is possible for qualified applicants determined by a means test. For newly enrolled children no reduction will be possible in the first year of attendance at school. Visit for more information.
  • No reduction in school fees will be made for any absence.
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