Debenture Information

GSIS is a registered non-profit organisation and depends on tuition fees and government subsidies to finance the school’s operational costs. GSIS recognizes that over time, existing facilities will need enhancements, additions and replacement in order to maintain and continue to improve the overall school environment for our students. GSIS’s debenture scheme was conceived to meet the cost of major capital projects and provide for the sustainability of GSIS into the future.

  • One debenture for each child attending GSIS must be either nominated or acquired before entry.
  • The deadline to purchase a debenture for students starting at GSIS is specified in the offer letter.
  • Debentures can only be purchased after a place has been offered to the child .
  • A debenture must be purchased if the student is not the nominee of an existing debenture.
  • A re-allocated debenture must be upgraded to the current value, as necessary, prior to the student starting at GSIS.

A complete debenture application form plus cheque (to be made out to GSIS Foundation Ltd) must be sent to GSIS, as follows:

German Swiss International School
Accounts Department
11 Guildford Road
The Peak, Hong Kong

With effect from 1 August 2017, there are two types of debentures available for prospective students who are offered a place.

  1. Standard Debenture (Refundable)
    Value: HKD 500,000

    • The value of the Standard Debenture is refunded when the student leaves the school, subject to the debenture conditions.
    • Existing debentures which are unallocated to a student and which have a nominal value of less than the current value must be upgraded in value when the debenture is allocated to a student. This also applies for returning students whose original debenture has remained active.
    • Refer to Standard Debenture Conditions for further information

    In situations where , after acceptance of a place, a student does not begin his or her school term at GSIS, or in situations where a student is withdrawn from GSIS within six months after the start of his or her school term, a levy representing 20% of the nominal value of the Standard Debenture will be deducted upon redemption or re-activation of the debenture (as the case may be).

  2. Development Debenture (Non-Refundable)
    Value: HKD 432,250

    • Development Debentures are non-refundable when a student leaves the school, i.e. the value of the debenture effectively becomes a donation to the school for the school’s Campus Development Project.
    • On a student leaving the school, the debenture shall retain a nominal value of HKD 1.00, granting the owner of the debenture entry priority for subsequent student nominations (after student passes entry assessments). Development Debentures must be upgraded to the current value when being allocated for subsequent student nominations.
    • Refer to Development Debenture Conditions for further information

The school reserves the right to change the value of its debentures without any prior notice. The Board will determine the value of debentures for the next school year at any time during the current school year.

The redemption of Standard Debentures is subject to Clause 6 of the school’s debenture conditions. Debentures issued in an employer’s name may only be presented for redemption during February or September in any year. In principle and where applicable, debentures can only be presented for redemption after the relevant student has left the school and all outstanding charges have been paid to the GSIS Association Ltd. Any outstanding amount including but not limited to outstanding school fees, charges and levies may be deducted from the face value of the debenture as per debenture conditions.

Should you wish to redeem your debenture, please submit the original debenture certificate with a letter requesting redemption to:

Accounts Department: Raymond Keung
German Swiss International School Foundation Ltd
11 Guildford Road
The Peak, Hong Kong

  1. GSIS ASSOCIATION LTDUpon enrolment of a child as a student at GSIS, parents can apply to become member/s of the GSIS Association Ltd. Membership of the GSIS Association Ltd is free, and will remain in effect until withdrawn or terminated in accordance with the articles of association of the GSIS Association Ltd. Being a member of the GSIS Association Ltd entitles you to vote at Annual General Meetings of the GSIS Association Ltd and to be elected to the GSIS Association Ltd Board and thereby influence operational decisions which may affect the education of your children and the school community as a whole.Please note that there is only one membership per parent irrespective of the number of children enrolled at GSIS.
  2. GSIS FOUNDATION LTDDebenture holders whose names have been registered in the Register of Debentures are voting members of the GSIS Foundation Ltd, the corporate body that owns the school buildings.
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