Board of GSIS Association Ltd

The German Swiss International School Association Ltd is a private body whose principal object is to maintain and enhance the GSIS. The members of the Association are mostly parents of GSIS students.

The Board elects from its members the Chairman who convenes and presides over all meetings and who acts for and on behalf of the Association. Members of the Association and persons nominated by the School Board can become members of a number of sub-committees, which all parents are welcome to join.

List of participantsContact
Voting participants
Mr Ulrich Buchholtz Chairperson
Mr Mark Bergt 1st Deputy Chairperson
Mrs Dagmar Baeuerle 2nd Deputy Chairperson
Mr Ken Geiβler
Mrs Desiree Jebsen
Mrs Marie-Louise Jungels
Mrs Angela Münch
Mr Thomas Scharsig
Mr Michael Zankel
Mr Michael Hennig
Dr Axel Schweitzer

Non-voting participants
Mrs Annette Brandt-Dammann
Mr Marco Foehn
Mrs Sandra Chawla-Gantenbein
Mr Karsten Tietz
Mrs Andrea Andretta

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