Whether you've graduated as a GSIS student, retired as a member of staff, or simply spent a few years of your life here at the school before moving on, you have all experienced the vibrant and caring culture that is unique to GSIS. We consider all former students, faculty and staff as our alumni and we would like to warmly invite you to stay connected to our school community and with each other.

Register with the GSIS Alumni Network

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Where in the world are GSIS Alumni?

Check out the GSIS Alumni Map below and discover our alumni community all over the world! We have over 8,000 alumni scattered across the globe, however, we are continuously building the map. So do let us know whereabouts you are to be included!

If you want to reconnect with old friends but are not sure where they are, simply contact the Alumni Affairs Office at and we will try our best to help you find them!

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