Our Mission

...within a vibrant, creative and caring community.
We are a centre of educational excellence...
We learn from each other.
We share...
We co-operate...

Our Mission

At the German Swiss International School we encourage and foster the talents of our students – as well-rounded individuals, responsible team members and open-minded citizens of the 21st century. We offer education in two parallel streams, leading to internationally recognised diplomas. Our school comprises all levels from Kindergarten through to Secondary School and Business College.

We cooperate. We share. We learn from each other. We are a centre of educational excellence, within a vibrant, creative and caring community.

Part of the network of German International Schools in the Asia-Pacific region, the German Swiss International School is a selective international school offering a rigorous and challenging learning environment to students from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

  • We strive for academic excellence and prepare our students to take the German International Abitur (German stream) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (English stream), paving their way to leading universities around the world.
  • We encourage multilingualism. German and English serve as first languages in the respective streams. A particular emphasis is put on the learning of German, working towards the German Sprachdiplom I and II examinations in the English stream.We provide an environment in which students of diverse backgrounds learn to communicate effectively in these languages. In addition, second languages including Putonghua, French and Latin are offered.
  • We foster multiculturalism and view cultural diversity as an asset. We encourage our students to actively care for the world and those with whom we share it. We aim to deepen understanding of the environment and of cultures, with a special focus on our host country, China.
  • We provide enrichment through a wide range of extra-curricular activities that form an integral part of our school programme.
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German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校