Campus Development Plan

Long-renowned for our excellence in teaching and student achievement, GSIS now needs cutting-edge facilities and flexible space in which to continue this track record of success into the 21st century.

The Campus Development Plan is our ambitious response to these pressing requirements. Nothing short of a comprehensive modernisation of our facilities, the Plan will enable GSIS to uphold our progressive approach to education for a new generation of learners.

It will be within these modern classrooms, libraries, studios, laboratories and gymnasiums that our teachers can develop the special skills and aptitudes of every student as they move through their education.

In doing so, we will ensure that our students leave GSIS as confident and well-rounded individuals with a love of learning that will stay with them for life.

Completed on time and in budget
Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhase V
Phase I: 2008

Completed in 2008, Phase I saw the addition of modern Art Studios for both our German and English secondary departments on a newly built sixth floor of the Middle Building at the Peak Campus.  The new Studios were designed to provide our students with a bright and spacious environment that can unlock their creativity.  Upon their opening, the Art Studios served as a vivid first example of the versatile learning space at the centre of the Campus Development Plan.


Phase II: 2009-10

In 2007, GSIS was awarded a second campus at 162 Pok Fu Lam Road.  This became a permanent home for our Kindergarten and a temporary location for our Lower Primary departments in August 2010. The Pok Fu Lam campus was designed specifically for the needs of young children and is a welcoming and nurturing environment.

The relocation of these departments allowed for the construction of an expanded interim library for our Secondary students and an additional science classroom at the Peak campus, in preparation for the subsequent works of the Campus Development Plan.


Phase III: 2012-14

Phase III has been the most extensive phase of the Campus Development Plan yet and has involved the construction of numerous key facilities at the Peak campus, most of which are located in the Middle Building.  The works have been completed to both budget and schedule.

Ready for the school year 2014-15, these new facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a senior library, a black-box drama studio, a primary gymnasium, a cafeteria, a school shop and IT classrooms. Meanwhile, the school’s Ingrid Buchholtz Hall auditorium has been refurbished and upgraded and classrooms have been modernised to enable the very best in teaching and learning.

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The Middle Building

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The newly refurbished Ingrid Buchholtz Hall

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Year-Round Swimming Pool

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The new Three Mackerels Cafeteria

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The new Senior Library

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The new Senior Library: The Forum

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Visit by Frau Brigitte Zypries in the Forum.

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Dedicated Music Room

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Collaborative Classroom Configurations

Phase III also involved the temporary relocation of our upper Primary departments to a decanting campus in Wan Chai.  The entire Primary department of both streams will move back to their permanent home at the Peak campus for the 2016-17 school year, upon completion of the Campus Development Plan.

Phase IV: 2014-15


Just as Phase III focused on the Middle Building, Phase IV concentrated on the Lower Building of the Peak campus. The Phase has granted the school new administrative and faculty offices, as well as excellent science laboratories and modernised classrooms in subject-clusters. The exterior of the building has also been revamped to add an attractive entrance area for visitors to GSIS.

Upon completion of Phase IV in summer 2015, the Middle and Lower Buildings of the Peak Campus serve as a dedicated home for our Secondary students.

Phase V: 2015-16


The final phase of the Campus Development Plan, Phase V will begin in summer 2015 and will see the Upper Building of the Peak campus transformed into a permanent home for our Primary departments.  Works will be completed for the school year 2016-17.

The centrepiece of the Upper Building development will be the transformation of the courtyard into a Multi-Purpose Hall, to be used as a playground, assembly hall and performance space.  There will also be a Primary library designed with young students in mind, as well as refitted classrooms, science laboratories and music and drama studios.

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