Team GSIS returns winning 7th overall at the Southeast Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC)

Team GSIS returns with medals and winning 7th overall at the Southeast Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC)

SEAMC consisted of nine rounds of competitions, three individual, three in school teams and three in buddy teams with students from other schools. Jenna, Nitya, and Leo from Y10 and Daniel, Malhar and Rafael from Y09 represented GSIS at the competition, putting their best mathematical skills to the test.

Lo and behold, our team performed excellently, earning rounds of qualifications and medals. Rafael qualified for the Duel round final after winning 8 out of 9 games and receiving 24 out of 27 points. Nitya and Leo both qualified for the Codebreaker round final with 35 and 46 points respectively out of 63 points. After an intense final and elimination process, Leo was the Codebreaker champion, beating all the Junior students. Way to go, Leo! Jenna (Y10) was the Junior Bronze Knowledge Medal Winner based on her results from the Mathematician, Lightning and Shuttle rounds.

Malhar’s Buddy team, Jstatic Youden's were the Junior Bronze Collaboration Medal Winners while Rafael’s Buddy team Kalman's Conjecture were the Junior Gold Collaboration Medal Winners. These collaboration medals were based on the results from the Lightning, Open and Innovation rounds.

The Golden ticket winners were Nitya, Jenna, Malhar, and Rafael who all received invitations to the World Mathematics Championships Finals in Melbourne in June. In addition, Nitya was ranked within the 97th percentile, Rafael within the 90th percentile, and both Jenna and Malhar ranked above the 3rd quartile.

A phenomenal job to both our student teams for their achievements! GSIS sure got a mathematically wired bunch ready to conquer the numbers world!

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