GSIS IB Diploma Students Deliver Exceptional Academic Results

Update 22/8/2017:

Fourth GSIS Student Achieves 45 Marks

Kristen Lam was just recently announced to be the fourth GSIS student to achieve a 45 on her IB after the re-marks, bringing the number of students with perfect IB score this year on a par with the Class of 2016.

“I was extremely happy and couldn't really believe it!” said Kristen. “I immediately told my family and friends because they have given me so much strength and encouragement throughout these two years.”

Not only is Kristen the recipient of the American Charitable Foundation Scholar Award 2017, she is also one of the four GSIS students to be awarded under the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme. Kristen will be attending the University of Chicago this autumn.

“I am interested in the social sciences, but I will explore different subjects and keep my options open before I decide what to major in,” said Kristen. “However, I do know that I want to be a positive influence wherever I end up.”

On tackling the rigorous IB programme, Kristen reminds students that there are ways to help ease the stress.

“If you break everything down into smaller steps, the workload will be more manageable,” advised Kristen. “Finally, find time to do things that make you happy – it’s important to keep things in perspective.”

We are exceptionally proud of her for constantly aiming towards the best and working diligently towards her goals.

Update 18/8/2017:

Another Perfect IB Score after Re-marks

We are proud to announce Annabel Cheung as our third student to receive a full IB score after the re-marks.

“I am elated!” exclaimed Annabel after she heard the results of the re-marks. “I am extremely grateful to my teachers at school for supporting me and providing me guidance throughout IB.”

Annabel will be attending the HKU-UCL dual Law degree programme as a recipient of the HKU Foundation Entrance Scholarship. This programme encompasses two years at University College London followed by two years at the University of Hong Kong. Upon completion, Annabel will graduate with two degrees, one from each university. As for career prospects, Annabel has her eyes set on the legal industry at the moment.

“I believe my years of reading Law at university will definitely help shape and consolidate what I would like to pursue in the future,” said Annabel.

While many students have different approaches in how they resolve the challenges of IB, it was important for Annabel to be well-rested and refuelled amidst the busy study schedule.

“I believe adequate rest is a key piece of advice that all students should keep in mind,” said Annabel. “Not getting enough sleep from working late at night leads to an inability to focus in class, which then results in working late in the evening to catch up – this is a vicious cycle that will keep repeating itself and would dampen the process of learning.”

Congratulations Annabel, we wish you a fulfilling university life in London and Hong Kong!

Update 19/7/2017:

IB Diploma results improve even more after successful re-marks

We are pleased to announce that Charlotte Chan is our second student from the graduating class of 2017 to receive a perfect score after her IB grade re-marks.

"I'm very thankful to everyone at GSIS, especially those who have taught me over the past 15 years, and am thrilled to receive the HKU President's Scholarship, which includes six year full tuition, opportunities to study abroad, and the chance to represent the university as a student ambassador", Charlotte says.

Charlotte is going to study dentistry at The University of Hong Kong.

Congratulations to our Class of 2017 graduates

A proud record of academic excellence is one of the main reasons for families to choose German Swiss International School (GSIS) for their children’s education. This tradition has been upheld with another set of exceptional International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examination results for the school year 2016-17.

With a 100% pass rate, our 51 IB Diploma students have achieved an average IB Diploma score of 39.9 points, a level that is truly outstanding and qualifies them as top students in Hong Kong and Asia.

Congratulations to Valerie Hung for achieving a score of 45 points, the maximum score possible. Five more candidates followed closely behind on 44 points. 61.0% of candidates achieved a score of at least 40 out of a potential 45 points; 92.2% scored 35 points or above.

The Head of GSIS English Secondary Department, Mrs Mary Peart, and her team of dedicated teachers are incredibly proud of the students' achievements. "It takes an immense amount of hard work, dedication and perseverance to achieve results like these”, Mary Peart says.

“We anticipate recording an even better result in the next few weeks. The 44 marks are very close and as last year, we are very hopeful that the remarking process will see more of our students rewarded with perfect scores”, Mary Peart adds.

"To have students achieve so highly and consistently is fantastic. Their legacy is an inspiration to everyone – staff and students alike”, says GSIS Principal Mrs Annette Brandt-Dammann.

“The entire GSIS community congratulates the students – and their families – on these great achievements and as they become our esteemed alumni, we will proudly follow their life and career paths.”

Valerie has attended German Swiss International School since Year 1. As President of the GSIS Student Council, she spent a lot of her time contributing to the school community and organising school events.

“I will be celebrating with friends and family, as well as thanking all my teachers and mentors who have helped me along the way”, Valerie says. Valerie will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the United States in fall 2017. “I plan to major in Communications in the School of Arts and Science”, Valerie says.

Following in the footsteps of the school’s alumni, many of this year’s GSIS graduates have been accepted by the Top 15 US universities as per the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as Shanghai Ranking, and will study Computer Science, Social Science, Engineering, Law, and Biology as well as Liberal Arts at Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Yale University, University of Chicago, University of California, both Berkeley and Los Angeles in the United States.

Our Class of 2017 graduates have also been accepted into University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London and London School of Economics in Great Britain, amongst other European and Asia-Pacific universities.

At the point of publication, the summarised global and Asia-Pacific results were not yet made available by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

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