GSIS IB Diploma Students Continue to Set High Standards

Post Update (9/9/2016):

IB Diploma results improve even more after successful re-marks

We are pleased to announce that Sonja Traubeck is our fourth student from the graduating class of 2016 to receive a perfect score after her IB grade re-marks.

Congratulations again to Amanda Brown, Justin Wei, Janae Wai and Sonja Traubeck on their achievements. Globally only approximately 0.1% students delivered a perfect score.
Overall, GSIS results have improved as follows:

  • GSIS average IB Diploma score 40.35 points
    • 4 students (8.7%) scored 45 points, the maximum score possible.
    • 44 students achieved a score of 35 points or above. (95.7%)

The successful re-marks are yet another confirmation of GSIS’s distinctive student calibre, learning environment and teamwork.

Original Post Published: 6 July 2016

This year sees the second cohort of International Baccalaureate Diploma students graduating from the German Swiss International School (GSIS). More than being pleased with these outcomes, GSIS could not be prouder of our students for the work they put into achieving these phenomenal results. They have more than upheld the school’s reputation for academic excellence.



  • GSIS average IB Diploma score 40.17 points - global average IB Diploma score of 30.07 points and 33.16 in the Asia Pacific region.
  • 100% of the 46 students have been awarded the Diploma.
  • 3 students (6.5%) scored 45 points, the maximum score possible. Globally 146 (0.1%) students achieved a perfect score, with 54 in the Asia–Pacific region.
  • 29 students achieved a score of 40 points or above. (63.0%)
  • 43 students achieved a score of 35 points or above. (93.5%)

These excellent results show that GSIS students and teachers have taken the challenging new programme of the IB Diploma well in their stride and reflect the high calibre of our students, their superb work ethic and their genuine zest for learning.

“These outstanding results from our IB students re-affirm GSIS’s decision to transition to the IB Diploma Programme. With our multi-talented students and dedicated teachers, we had high hopes for the results, but these have exceeded our expectations”, remarked Mrs Annette Brandt-Dammann, Principal of the German Swiss International School.

We would like to congratulate our graduating class for their outstanding dedication and commitment to both their academic studies and their application to all aspects of the diploma. Your success is well-deserved, and we know that you will go on to many more successes in your future studies and beyond as you apply and further develop the skills and attributes that have led you to this point.

It almost goes without saying, besides the students putting in the hard yards to earn this success, that it belongs as much to our teachers who have provided guidance over many years, as it does to the students themselves. In that vein, we would also like to congratulate and thank our teachers, and in particular our IB Coordinator, Mrs Kellie Fagan, for always being there for our students and providing them with the conditions they needed to learn and develop into the fine young leaders of tomorrow that they are destined to become.