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German Primary News

On Wednesday, 21 August, all students in K02, K03 and K04 on the Wan Chai Campus started back at school. The students have meanwhile grown very familiar with the Wan Chai Campus. This school building was opened one year ago for Upper Primary. We are pleased to welcome Ms Erni, a new primary teacher, who is class teacher in class K03A.

On 21 August, school also began for our pre-schoolers at the Pok Fu Lam Campus. Our pre-school team, made up of Ms Dengler, Ms Garrelfs and Ms Noy, warmly welcomed the 38 pre-schoolers in a welcome ceremony.

Two days later, on 23 August, the welcome ceremony for our new grade one students took place. The 36 new students were very excited about this big day. There are 18 children in class K01A with Mr Zecchino and 18 children in class K01B with Ms Naumann.

Our two new Youth Volunteers have arrived safely in Hong Kong. Their names are Fabio and Valentin. Fabio will work on the Wan Chai Campus and Valentin on Pok Fu Lam Campus. Even before school began, both of them gave us excellent support on the organizational side.

In September, we will also have two trainees from Germany with us. They are both studying to become teachers and are doing a placement with us as part of their studies. Ms Seitz and Ms Markwardt will be their mentors.

It is hard to imagine grade one students starting school without a wonderful cone filled with goodies. As Ms Brandt-Dammann remarked in her short speech at the welcome ceremony, the tradition of giving such a cone to each child has existed for over 100 years. The first graders were clearly very proud of their school cones.

I wish all students and their parents a happy, exciting and successful school year for 2013/14.

Susanne Goschin
Head of German Primary

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