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    GSIS Helping Moldova’s Children

    Orphans of Moldova for TV-1

    Dear GSIS community, Next week, Global Initiatives is working in collaboration with Crossroads charity to collect and distribute much-needed goods to help orphans in Moldova. Global Initiatives is a GSIS student-led charity group that organises a range of fund-raising activities in cooperation with selected partner NGOs. Moldova is Europe’s poorest nation. Many of the children […]

    GSIS University Fair


    On 23 September 2015, students and parents entered our Three Mackerels Cafeteria into a rich sea of university representations mostly from the western hemisphere. Co-hosted with the British Council, the GSIS University Fair boasted about 200 attendees. Not only was the GSIS school community at the Fair, school counsellors and students from other local and […]


    Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 16.38.54

    The animated film “Cuddles” was produced by K06 students as part of the Kunst AG extra curriculum activity in the past school year 2014-15. The students worked regularly on this stop-motion movie on a Friday afternoon. They had many different materials to work with available. The starting point was a pair of socks, which was […]

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